Our Customized Inbound Marketing Process For You

Attract - we will attract the right strangers for your business website. Now must be saying, i know that too but how would differently you will do that. First we will define your buyer persona journey

Now every keyword we will target for seo purposes will be by this process. We will publish content through blogs while focusing on your buyer persona journey. Our main motive will be bring user to your website. By this you will be educating your potential clients and showing them a precise solution at right time which they were searching for their problem.

Convert- Once they came to your site, we will make sure that they don’t bounce back from your website. Our graphic experts will design your website pages, call to action buttons and contact forms to optimize your website for more conversions. Our main motive in this stage will be to convert those visitors into qualified leads. We will be optimizing your every customer touch point.

Close – Mostly our clients get involved in this process. When a contact form is filled out we will forward its details to you and then your sales team gets in touch with potential prospect. We will tracking all the movements at this stage, means from which source lead came through, which city, what time etc. All this data will be reported to you so that you can a make much more informed decision for your business in future. We at Seo Pro Company don’t believe in doing marketing with feelings & emotions and we don’t let you do that either. This analytic data will be refined by your designated M.B.A account manager and then will be given to you with recommendations. In this stage we suggest our clients to nurture the lead so that they will become your customers. This nurturing is very critical because not every lead is ready to close.

Delight – This is the secret weapon in our inbound marketing strategy. We won’t let your customer forget you once they bought product or services from you. We will be continue to publish and share content with your customers so that they can become your promoter one day and studies have also showed that this inbound marketing approach is more cheaper and result oriented that Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O) And Pay Per click (P.P.C) approach.

NOTE:- We won’t annoy your hard earned customer’s with meaning less content like other marketing agencies, We only be sharing content that will help them go deep in your buying funnel or engaging them to promote your business name by giving loyalty rewards.

(Don’t let your competitors win this time)